XO: An Established Company with a New Name and Worldwide Vision

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If you are looking for the best network marketing company to join RIGHT NOW, let me tell you about XO Lifestyle Worldwide. XO is built on the success of MXI Corp, an established, debt-free company that introduced Xocai Healthy Chocolate to the world.

Jeanette Brooks and Chanda Zaveri are the founders of XO with Ms. Zaveri as Chief Science Officer and Brad Stewart as President. Each of these players are seasoned, exceptional leaders of their fields. Each brings experience and vision to this new company.

The Old is Made New Again

“New” is hardly the best word to describe XO Lifestyle Worldwide. “New” sounds inexperienced and lacking in basic tools. Because the operations, manufacturing and shipping are all infrastructure components from MXI Corp that will remain in place, this is a stable, low-risk network marketing opportunity.

I’m excited to work with President Brad Stewart going forward. XO Lifestyle Worldwide is “new” as in fresh, vibrant, and full of energy – qualities that will be apparent in the new products that will be introduced.

Wider Worldwide Vision

Different from startups and one-hit wonders, this is a company with global vision, addressing the huge middle class market in India and the aging United States population as well as operating in nearly 40 other countries worldwide.

Chanda Zaveri, the scientist behind the new products, and Jeannette Brooks have founded a company devoted to marketable products that address acne treatment, nutrition, energy, weight management, anti-aging and overall wellness. Brad Stewart has taken the lead position in moving this company forward using his unique experience and capabilities.

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